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Training for a Century ride

At Training for Trips we offer individualised training programs that fit with your schedule and goals. Our training programs are targeted to your trip and we understand that specificity of training is critical to you thriving during your adventure and consequently we pride ourselves on knowing the physical demands of each trip inside out.

One of the challenges in our Sun, Sweat and South East Queensland trip is a Century ride. This is a 100-mile bike ride that follows the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. We could have made it 100km we suppose.... but at Training for Trips we embrace a challenge!

So, how do you prepare for a century ride? Here are a few key points:

**Volume should be increased in a graduated and smart way. We will work with you to understand your current fitness level to make sure your progressions are optimal.

**Aerobic training is key and knowing your heart rate zones will help you keep this focus.

**Get your bike setup assessed. You'll be spending a lot of time in the saddle so take the time to make sure your seat height and set-up are right for you. Small improvements in efficiency can add up over long rides.

**Fine tune your nutrition during training. Learn what your stomach can handle both before and during exercise and what fuel gives you the best boost.

**Mix high-volume outdoor rides with high-quality indoor sessions on the exercise bike or trainer. You don't need to do all of your training on the road.

**Allow time for adaptation. A good proactive training program facilitates recovery and adaptation to your training. Embrace the dips in workload as this is a critical part of maximising your improvement.

**Trust your program. You don't need to ride a full Century before your trip - we will have you prepared and ready to succeed on the day.

The earlier you book on this trip the earlier we can get you started with your training.

Your journey starts now!

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