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Private groups and customised trips

When we were researching barriers to adventure travel one of the common themes was a concern there might be time spent on expeditions with members who weren't like minded or who were difficult about some aspects of the logistics or dynamics of the trip. Our trip leaders have many years experience managing different personalities and fitness levels on a variety of adventures and training camps. We also have a targeted approach to enable the most suitable people onto our range of trips.

One other way to approach this is to bring together your own group and go on your journey together.

We plan and design our trips from the ground up and have the capacity to run our advertised trips for private groups at a time that suits you. We are also able to customise bespoke itineraries in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and worldwide. Whatever the adventure we will tailor training programs to prepare you all to have a successful trip.

Cycling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, running... whatever your passions we can work with you to design an amazing experience you and your friends will never forget.

We are happy to share some options and sample itineraries so please reach out to and we can help plan your journey!

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