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Earn your recovery

Of course recovery is important. It allows us to maximise our adaptation. It can help with stress and sleep, and importantly it can provide the edge we need to keep our head above water during heavy training and competition blocks.

As the recovery and sport science industries grow there are more and more passive recovery options like massage guns, compression boots, and saunas. The thing about recovery is that it is a waste of time if you haven't done the work first.

An important principle is to EARN YOUR RECOVERY. Do the work first. If you only have time for one activity then take the hard road and choose the training.

We have designed our trips with a similar philosophy. There is a mix of physical challenges and leisure time that combine to make for an awesome experience. In our trips we make sure that the work comes before the play. We think that there is nothing quite as good as a cold beverage at the end of a hard days work, and being able to sit back and know that you have earned it.

We offer industry-leading pre-trip engagement. As well as individualising you a training program to get you fit for your trip we can provide advice on optimising your recovery practices and getting the balance right to reach your goals.

Your journey starts now.

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